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Hormone Levels Matter

As we get older, no one needs to tell us our bodies are changing. We’ve been there before; Your hair changes, as well as your face, your voice, your shape.
Most people seem to have a good understanding of how hormones affect the body as we go through adolescence. But sometimes when going through those changes, it’s difficult to see that something has changed, chemically, inside of you.
That doesn’t change just because you have a career, family, or vital adult obligations.

Hormone imbalances can affect every facet of your day to day life. They can impact your mental abilities and how you sleep, as well as causing hair loss and reductions in bone density.

So, regardless of your age, hormones can still make your life miserable if not kept in check.

Hormone imbalances happen when the glands’ producing them start losing function (from things like old age, disease, or disorders.) Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment used as a supplement to alleviate the harmful and disorientating side effects of hormone imbalances.

If you haven’t felt quite like yourself, or have any number of the symptoms below, it’s worth making sure your hormones are in check.
Hormone imbalances, such as Menopause and Andropause, happen as we age and our bodies slow down (or stop) producing reproductive hormones. Hypogonadism is similar; however, the primary causes tend to be a disease, disorder, or trauma to a gland that produces hormones. Other conditions like growth hormone imbalances or thyroid and adrenal disorders are also widespread and can affect people of any age or gender.

Due to the intimate nature of hormones in our bodies, all Hormone Replacement Therapies are individualized medical treatments; uniquely tailored to each patient. Regular hormone level screening is preferred, and any prescription medications should be adjusted as much as needed to maintain a healthy balance.

Here at Live Young, we’re known for making our patients feel at home during their appointments and treatments. With some simple bloodwork, we are ready and able to custom fit a comprehensive plan for getting your hormones back in balance. It’s not enough to look young; you should feel young and live young, too.

Common Symptoms In Men

  • Anhedonia (Loss of Pleasure/Motiviation)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety/Irritability
  • “Head Fog”
  • Lethargy & Unrestful Sleep
  • Declining Sexual Performance
  • Difficulty Maintaining Erections
  • Loss Of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Weight Gain (Unresponsive To Diet And Exercise)
  • Increased Difficulty Losing Fat
  • Reduced Physical Stamina
  • Gynecomastia (Breast Development)
  • Osteoporoisis
  • Joint Pain
  • Hair Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Hearth Disease

Common Symptoms In Women

  • Anhedonia (Loss of Pleasure/Motiviation)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety/Irritability
  • Increased Emotional Sensitivity
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Skin Elasticity
  • Decreased Bone Density
  • Weight Gain (Unresponsive To Diet And Exercise)
  • Frequent Night-time Urination
  • Thinning Hair
  • Hot Flashes/Night Sweats/Day Sweats
  • Loss of Interest in Sex
  • Dry or Painful Intercourse
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