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Athletic Performance

Working Smarter, Rather Than Harder, Is The Primary Way To Train For Longevity.



We live by that ideal and part of our mission is to help others become as great as they would like to be. Whether it’s a sport specific task, an overall health goal or maybe something as simple as making it up the stairs with your groceries and not getting tired. Whatever your personal goal is, we want to do everything in our power to get you there.

Sport performance is not exclusive to athletes. We define athleticism as: displaying the ability to perform a personally difficult task, with grace and ease. That could mean walking, swimming, climbing out of the car, throwing a punch, jumping or even vacuuming your home. There is an athlete within all of us, we want to help you find yours.


Unfortunately, while being an athlete is a beautiful thing, it also comes with a downside, sport related injury. Whether your sport is MMA/BJJ, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Football, Swimming or any other sport, we have the experience and use current evidence based methods to get two things done: 

  1. Regain performance as fast as possible without the use of drugs or surgery.
  2. Identify how and why you were injured in the first place, and then address that issue, thus lowering the chances of re-injury and increasing the odds of a successful return to you sport and your normal day to day activities.

In addition, we know what we can and cannot fix and if your condition is outside of our wheelhouse, we will refer you to the next level provider. This approach ensures you get the least invasive treatment necessary.

Our rehab and prehab programs are custom built for you to ensure you your quickest recovery possible because every “body” is different. We all have our own inherent set of strengths and weaknesses. We’re here to help you realize your next personal best and beyond.

Being a chiropractor comes with a broad appreciation for the human body and all of it’s capabilities. Here at Live Young, we embody this notion. We continue to be amazed by not only the resiliency of the body to recover from injury but also by the amazing potential held within each and every one of us. We love athletes because they are role models for the rest of us. Illustrating not only what we can achieve but also by sparking our personal interest and making us say
“I wonder if I can do that?”

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